The Contest

George, Elaine, Kramer, and Jerry begin

“Well, obviously, we all know each other very well, I’m sure that we’ll all feel comfortable within the confines of the honor system.”

Hailed as one of the most hilarious episodes of the entire series, Season 4’s “The Contest” is an episode that I can (and will watch) anytime it happens to be on television.

The basic premise is that after George got caught by his mother “treating his body like an amusement park” he complains to Jerry, Elaine, and Kramer at Monk’s Dinner and they decide to have a contest where last one that touches themselves wins money ($100 for Jerry, George, and Kramer and $150 for Elaine since according to Jerry “it’s easier for a woman not to do it.  It’s harder for men, it’s part of our lifestyle!”)

Kramer shortly after noticing the nudist outside of Jerry’s window.

Throughout the episode various obstacles make it difficult for everyone to stay in the contest. Across the street from Jerry’s apartment a nudist is spotted by Kramer (who soon gives in and declares “I’m out!”), a woman is seen being given regular sponge-baths by  an attractive nurse in the hospital room George’s mother is staying at, and John F. Kennedy Jr. is taking an aerobics class at Elaine’s gym. Jerry isn’t worrying about the contest at all since he’s currently dating a virgin and has to keep to himself anyway (until she leaves him for JFK Jr. after finding out about the contest).

In the end Elaine gives in and the episode ends ambiguously with everyone sleeping soundly in their beds (including Kramer who has hooked up with the nudist) leaving the viewer to imagine who could have won.

That’s really all I have for this week. “The Contest” is a great episode and if you have never seen it or an episode of Seinfeld (what’s wrong with you?) make sure to watch it at the link below.

Watch “The Contest” here!

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